Taylor On A Trip

    Red Light Walks & Marijuana Pops in Amsterdam

    Before I went, I thought Amsterdam was overrated. When people talk about the city, they tend to talk in a slow, stoned voice about how great the pot cafe’s are. Or they’ll brag about how they partied in The Red Light District as if they personally... read more

    Groot-Bijgaarden Castle: A Floralia Brussels Photo Essay

    The morning after a particularly intriguing eveningĀ in Brussels, I was feeling emotionally wiped and in dire need of an escape from the constricting walls of city life. I wanted nature. I wanted pretty things. Earlier the day before, I had come across a brochure for a... read more

    Everything I Love About Being on the Road

    Today I caught myself reading yet another Lonely Planet article about hostel life called Dorm dilemmas: packing tips for hostel hoppers. The content of the article is, of course, nothing a hostel bum doesn’t already know, but it got me reminiscing about all the... read more

    A lesson in life, love, and happiness in Brussels

    Over the incessant bar noise of patrons enjoying conversation with their friends, family, and lovers, he leaned across the beer-soaked table to me, and asked, “Are you happy?” I gave an awkward sigh, a slight laugh, and replied, “Trying to be. Are... read more
    Hey there, I'm Taylor! I'm a traveller in a leather jacket with a deep love of all things rock n' roll. Although I have absolutely zero actual musical ability whatsoever, my ultimate passion is travelling the world with music as my compass, exploring all those points of musical relevance as I go. Let's geek out together!

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    Taylor On A Trip

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