Pictory: Boston

Boston sure loves its Christian Science. This is the reflecting pool at the Christian Science Plaza. You know, if there is one thing all religions can agree on, I suppose it's reflections. In the center is 111 Huntington Ave (AKA the R2D2 Building), and on the left is...

Outwitting Codzilla In Boston Harbour

Who knew that on our trip to Boston, my pal Megan and I would end up on a high-speed boat zooming away from a mutant codfish while listening to very loud AC/DC? Not me, that's for sure. It was imperative for me that on my trip to Boston I experience the famous Boston...

Look Mom, I Went To Harvard!

A trip to Cambridge is never complete without a visit to Harvard (/Hah'vahd/)! I'll admit, I partially went there for the history, architecture and vibe, and I partially went there just so I can tell people I went to Harvard. No false advertising here! The Ivy League...

Hey there, I'm Taylor! I'm a traveller with a deep love of all things rock n' roll. Although I have absolutely zero actual musical ability whatsoever, my passion is travelling the world with music as my compass, exploring all my fave points of musical relevance as I go. Let's groupie out together!

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