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    Chasing Picasso in Malaga

    I was eight years old the first time I clued into the fact that there was a famous person named Pablo Picasso. The year was 1999, the movie 10 Things I Hate About You had just come out, and my older cousin was sitting on my living room couch watching it as she babysat... read more

    Granada, Spain: First Impressions of the Moorish Jewel

    Before I arrived in Granada, everything I knew about the city I learned from Pinterest and Lonely Planet. Needless to say I didn’t have a very thorough overview. So when I arrived in Granada in the early afternoon of March 26th, I had my eyes open wide and my... read more
    Hey there, I'm Taylor! I'm a traveller in a leather jacket with a deep love of all things rock n' roll. Although I have absolutely zero actual musical ability whatsoever, my ultimate passion is travelling the world with music as my compass, exploring all those points of musical relevance as I go. Let's geek out together!

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    Taylor On A Trip

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