Pictory: San Francisco

"If you're going to San Francisco, be sure to wear some flowers in your hair" (Scott McKenzie "San Francisco")    Golden Gate Park Our first day in San Fran happened to coincide with the Pride Parade! The climate was extremely...

A Beginners Guide to Beatnik San Francisco

Jack Kerouac, Allen Ginsberg, William S Burroughs, Lawrence Ferlinghetti, North Beach... What should be brought to mind from these words if not THE BEAT GENERATION? For those who aren't caught up on their post-WWII/ pre-Hippie literary history, let me explain via The...


I was waiting for my friends outside of the unisex bathroom of a semi-swanky Frisco club at around 11 PM when Chester first spotted me. He had dark hair, dark eyes, a perfectly tailored suit, and an intrigue I couldn’t back away from. We chatted and when he asked my...

Hey there, I'm Taylor! I'm a traveller with a deep love of all things rock n' roll. Although I have absolutely zero actual musical ability whatsoever, my passion is travelling the world with music as my compass, exploring all my fave points of musical relevance as I go. Let's groupie out together!

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