Can you even believe that it’s August already?! I feel like I was traipsing the desert in suede fringe just yesterday. Time is such a cruel mistress.

You’ve probably figured out by now that music is a key element in how I travel (maybe my blog description clued you in?). So it’s no surprise really that I basically based my entire Roadtrip through California, Nevada, and Arizona this past May on sites of musical relevance. I mean, I booked my plane ticket the day after I watched Easy Rider for the upteenth time, which has a KILLER soundtrack. To honor this, I’ve decided to create a playlist of the music that inspired me to take this trip in the first place.

Some of these artists are from the Southwest, some sing about it, and some simply embody the essence of it.

I tried to keep the playlist diverse. I used songs both old and new that encompass many styles – all the while keeping a solid foot in the rock genre. I hope you enjoy, and leave your personal playlist suggestions in the comments (music snobs need not apply)!


1. Flying Burrito Brothers “Train Song”

2. Eagles of Death Metal “San Berdoo Sunburn”

3. FIDLAR “West Coast”

4. Rolling Stones “Sweet Virginia”

5. Neil Young “Everybody Knows This is Nowhere”

6. The Aquadolls “Tweaker Kidz”

7. First Aid Kit “Emmylou”

8. Houndmouth “Sedona”

9. The Muggers “Diversion”

10. King Khan & BBQ Show “I’ll Be Loving You”

11. The Nerves “Paper Dolls”

12. Wolf Parade “The Grey Estates”

13. Tom Waits “Heart Attack and Vine”

14. The Doors “Roadhouse Blues”

15. The Coasters “Down In Mexico” 


There you have it! What would you add to this list?

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