About twice a year I make the hefty bus trek from Toronto to Cleveland to visit my friend (and past roommate) Megan. This past weekend one one such journey, Megan and I, along with her friend also named Megan (easy to remember let me tell you), decided to break the norm of a Cleveland weekend and road trip out to Pittsburgh.

A completely whimsical decision, I had no time to prepare from what I’d find in Pittsburgh. I knew about the city, but I didn’t really know anything about the city.

Below is what succumbed from five hours of trekking around Pittsburgh, I’ll definitely need a round two!

Our first stop was to take a trip up the trolley at the Duquesne Incline. Just as it looks, it was steep AF.

Duquesne Incline

The whole way up I was blabbering on about what would happen if the cables tugging us up the hill were to suddenly snap, much to the Megans’ dismay. Anything to get a laugh.

After the Incline and a short jaunt around town, we decided to head to Gooski’s bar. A place recommended to us via a Google search. A dingy, yet funky and eclectic establishment, we spent a few hours drinking Old Fashioned’s, playing pool, controlling the punk-rock jukebox, and posing for photos!

I’ll reiterate – Pittsburgh is a lovely city (from what I saw of it anyway). The citizens charmed me with their unwavering kindness and the city was undeniably beautiful and clean.

What are some major points of interest I should check out on my next trip to Pittsburgh!?

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