Oh, Ottawa. My home nation’s capital city. Home to politicians and hooligans alike (although depending on who you talk to, these terms are one and the same). Ottawa was founded in 1826 as “Bytown”. A terrible name if you ask me, having been named after  Lieutenant Colonel John By, who founded Bytown and supervised the construction of the Rideau Canal.

Today Ottawa sports a population of just under 1 million and is the fourth-largest city in Canada.

On a particularly hot weekend in July, 2013, my BFF Katelynn had traveled to Ottawa for a conference, and I decided to join her.

I needed company for the road, however, and my buds Ashley and Aaron joined me on this grand road trip!

Here’s Ashley and I having a hang with John By. He had excellent fashion sense.

On our first full day in Ottawa, we decided to hit the streets! Pictured above is Aaron, Ashley, and the two lovely people who put us up in their apartment for the weekend – Hannah and her boyfriend!

Katelynn and I took in the city sites via an Amphibus Tour! The vehicle was the sort that change into a boat when they hit the water. An educational way to see the city.

While in Ottawa I tried to be at Canadian as possible. Meaning – I ate a copious amount of Poutine and Beaver Tails!

Not from Canada? Confused?

If you don’t know what Poutine is I feel sorry for you. French fries cooked to perfection topped with squeaky cheese curds and thick gravy. A heart attack waiting to happen. I prefer mine with ketchup.

And after you lick your Poutine plate clean, as per Canadian tradition, you must have a Beaver Tail. A fried-dough pastry topped with the confections of your choice. Pictured above is a Nutella and Reeses Pieces Beaver Tail. It’s amazing I made it out of Ottawa alive.

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