Welcome to Taylor On A Trip!

First off, welcome to Taylor On A Trip!

For reference, this is me…. 


In this crazy world of clickbait headlines and Angry Birds, I’m honored that you are taking some time to check out my little corner of the internet.

For those of you new to my world, the name’s Taylor, nice to meet you. When I was nineteen, I left the comforts of my Saskatchewan prairie-girl life to go on a mission to make it in the Toronto music industry. Make it, I did, and I worked at a major record label for the subsequent 5 years. Then, in February, 2017, I quit my job to travel and freelance write.

I love to travel, and I love to go to so many concerts that my ears perpetually bleed.

When I’m on the road, i’m always looking for sites of music and musical history to check out, and I make a point to pay homage to the great rock stars of years gone by. For those who love to rock, I salute you.

I started this blog so I can connect with likeminded people, do my part in breaking down some cultural barriers, and write my butt off.

So let’s raise a glass to run-down luggage wheels, the beats of different cultures, and a world well-traveled!

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Taylor On A Trip
Hey there, I'm Taylor! I'm a traveller with a deep love of all things rock n' roll. Although I have absolutely zero actual musical ability whatsoever, my passion is travelling the world with music as my compass, exploring all my fave points of musical relevance as I go. Let's groupie out together!

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Taylor On A Trip

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