Without having a blog yourself, it can be hard to know what gift to get the blogger on your list. Opposed to simply purchasing random knickknacks online, you want your gift to be thoughtful, personal, and something that your blogger can actually use. To help with your gift hunt, I’ve compiled a list of tools that have not only done spades for me in my personal blogging career but that I’m sure any blogger out there is bound to love.


The Ultimate Blogger Gift Guide


Blogging Planner

A little while ago I wrote an article entitled The Ultimate Goal Reaching Guide For Creative People. In it, under the create heading, I mentioned that I find calendarizing my projects hugely beneficial. Every week, I know exactly what I want to accomplish and am way more efficient!


As a travel blogger, I always keep a notebook with me to document my life day-to-day. So many memories and details that would have been lost otherwise are now available to me every time I open an old notebook. I once received something similar to this leather-bound one as a gift and it’s one of my faves!

USB Microphone

If the blogger on your list creates videos, has a podcast, or does any voice-over audio work, then it’s essential they’re equipped with an easy-to-use USB Microphone. I started my audio career off with ProTools, an Mbox, and some studio grade microphones, and let me tell you, the USB option is way easier and more cost-effective for blogging purposes!

Blogging Course

I would be nowhere today without the help of Travel Blog Success. That said, that particular course has recently merged with Nomadic Matt’s Superstar Blogging, of which I am now also a member and affiliate. Give the blogging gift of knowledge!

Super Star Blogging


Conference Tickets

There are a million and one (okay, maybe not that many) blogging conferences scheduled every year around the globe. Do a little research on your blogger’s faves, and help them out with their often very pricey tickets!

I’m going to TravelCon this year in Austin, Texas. If you’re interested, click here for more details!


Photography Course

The internet is inherently visual. So knowing how to properly compose a photo (or even get your blogger off shooting in manual) is essential. The online one I took is no longer available, so I’m going to recommend the course by ever-trusted Nomadic Matt!

Super Star Blogging


Photography Tools

Of course, a photography course will get you nowhere without the proper tools. Right off the bat, I invested in a Canon Rebel DSLR, Memory Cards, an 18-55mm lens, a fish-eye lens, a remote, and a tripod. Talk to your blogger and find out what’s on their personal photography wishlist!

External Phone Lenses

For the blogger interested in a simple photography set up, you can’t go wrong with some external lenses for their smartphone!

Photo Editing Software

Learning how to properly use Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom has been one of the biggest gifts I’ve given myself in my few years of blogging.


For those seeking high-quality action shots without sacrificing their fancy camera equipment or smartphone, the GoPro is absolutely the answer!


Messenger Bag

Every time I travel, I carry this messenger bag around. It’s light and compact enough to act as a day bag, and still my DSLR, batteries, tripod, wallet, notebook, and kindle all fit neatly inside!

Wifi Hotspot

Again for travel bloggers specifically, relying on wifi in some destinations just isn’t a smart business move. Consider investing in your own portable wifi hotspot and never be without a connection again!

External Hard Drive

As a blogger, my one true fear is my computer crashing and having all my files erased. That is why, in addition to using the cloud, I always back up my files with an external hard drive, this one in particular!

Writing Course

In the blogging world, content is everything and there is always room for improvement! Sign your blogger up for a writing course and watch their way with words grow.

Super Star Blogging


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Blogger Gift Guide


Bloggers, what would you put on your personal blogging wish list?


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