For a princess like myself, a hostel stay can be lovely or terrible depending on how much I am inconvenienced. For your peace of mind and your personal hygiene, make the below a necessary packing list for your stay in a hostel dorm room!


For keeping your personal belongings safe. Most hostels come equipped with some kind of locker or lockable storage under the beds, but they’ll charge you to rent a padlock.

Personal Towel

Some hostels will make you pay to rent out one of their towels. If you bring one from home not only does it end up costing you less while taking up minimal space in your luggage, but you know where the towel came from, who used it before, and how well it was cleaned. Personally, I never go on a trip without one – but make sure it is quick drying for when you have to stuff it back in your luggage right after a shower as mold doesn’t smell good on anyone.

Flip Flops

For walking around your hostel room, and most importantly, for taking showers with. Just imagine all the bacteria swarming around that shower drain! That shit just ain’t touchin’ my feet no matter how precious I may seem.

Carrying case for toiletries

Shower supplies, make-up… you don’t want it spilling everywhere on your way to the bathroom. But make sure the case is waterproof! On that note, unlike a hotel, a hostel won’t always have sufficient shampoo/conditioner/soap for you to use. Make sure you bring your own!

Earplugs / Eyemask

People are noisy, and some of them like to turn on the lights and open the blinds at the crack of dawn while you are still asleep. Do yourself a favor and safeguard yourself from these people, your tired mind will thank you.

Extra-long phone charging cord

Power outlets can be hard to come by in hostels, especially ones right by your bed. Instead of leaving your cell phone out of your reach and unattended, get a longer cord. Not only will you know where your phone is every second, but you will be able to set a personal alarm clock if you need to wake up at an inconvenient hour and not wake up the whole dorm.

Small Flashlight / Phone Light

Chances are that at some time during your hostel stay you will be awake in the middle of the night either coming back from a party late or catching an early train/plane/bus. For the love of god please don’t flip the main light switch, everyone will hate you. Use that handy dandy little light on your cell phone for getting around. And if it’s your travel time that makes you get up in the middle of the night, pack your luggage the night before, you’ll thank yourself when the time comes.

Universal Plug Adapter

If you’re visiting countries with plugs different than the ones at home, then you will absolutely need an adapter.

What items did I miss that you just can not stay in a Hostel without? Let me know in the comments!

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