Apparently when I’m jet-lagged, disoriented, and hungry, I turn to alcohol.  Sleep is for the weak and responsible.

From the minute my overnight flight from Toronto to Dublin landed and my Dublin-based amigo Ashley met me at the airport gate, there was no doubt in our minds what our first stop had to be – The Guinness Storehouse.

Fun fact, the lease for the Guinness Storehouse in 1759, and when Arthur Guinness did so, he signed it for 9000 years at £45 a year. If I had that kind of lease on my apartment, inflation would be my new best friend. However, that lease was for a four-acre chunk of land when technology and export wasn’t at the level it’s at today. These days, the brewery operates on 50-acres that the owners have bought outright. Therefore, this sweet-deal lease is no longer valid.


Exploring the Guinness Storehouse in Dublin, Ireland


How to pour the perfect pint of Guinness

Step 1: Grab a nice cool pint glass.

Step 2: Hold the glass under the tap at an angle of 45 degrees.

Step 3: Fill the glass to between 1.5 and 2 centimeters from the top.

Step 4: Let the glass rest for approximately 119.5 seconds (Or exactly that many seconds, depending on how A-type and bored you are).

Step 5: Top up the glass until the head is just beyond the rim (That’s what she said).

Step 6: Chug-a-lug.

I had just gotten off the plane in Dublin a few hours earlier. When jet-lagged, disoriented, and hungry, I turn to alcohol.

Ah, my first taste of a perfectly poured pint of Guinness in the Gravity Bar atop the Storehouse. At 46 meters off the ground, the Gravity Bar is the highest bar in Dublin, although it’s not exactly a city of sky-scrapers.

In addition to the Gravity Bar, the Guinness Storehouse provides a full tour to people who are interested in the history and process of how Guinness is made.

Be sure to check out the Guinness Storehouse on your next visit to Dublin! Learn AND drink at the same time!

Hours: 9:30 – 5:00 7 days a week except on select holidays

Address: Guinness Storehouse, St. James’s Gate, Dublin 8

*Be sure to buy your tickets online for 10% off admission!



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