I want to start out this post by saying I did not intend to not post anything personal on my blog for almost a month and a half, and for that, let me just be the first to say, I kinda suck. It wasn’t that anything specific happened in my life to start off this mini-sabbatical except for that I just got really really busy. Clients, moving, a new job, a week and a half in Montreal and Toronto (which I’ll totally touch on at a later date). Guys, I’m so tired. But like always, I promise to be better – let’s see if I can keep that promise!

Anywho, before all of the aforementioned happened, and for most of the past year, I spent a lot of time at home in Saskatchewan. And let me tell you, this past year was beneficial in so many ways. It was hella relaxing, gave me time to recharge my batteries, and it gave me the opportunity to reconnect with my family. And, further in regards to that last point, it’s given me time to buckle down on helping my mom grow her wellness business, Orenda Healing.

My mom wanted to put on a women’s holistic wellness retreat for a long time. And so, knowing I was going to be around to see the execution of the event, we buckled down and got to work.

It was roughly 8 months of planning. Like, not constant planning, but thinking-of-every-little-detail kind of planning. Thankfully, we could not have picked a better venue, The Living Skies Retreat & Event Centre in Lumsden, Saskatchewan, or a better weekend – Spring was in the air, y’all!

This weekend was so many things. We had so many great speakers, so many great attendees, and so many great moments. It’s hard to pick favorites and somehow relay the magic. But if I HAD to summarize the weekend, this is a little what it would look like…

The First Ever In Joy Meant For You © Women’s Wellness Retreat

The Accommodations

The Living Skies Retreat & Event Centre is a gem of a locale. Resting just outside of Lumsden, Saskatchewan, the centre overlooks the valley with magnificent floor to ceiling windows covering one whole side of the building. The centre was originally built in 1960 by Franciscan monks, and later switched hands over to first the Catholic Church, and then to two different management companies.

The building features roughly 60 guestrooms, each with its own bathroom, a kitchen and dining room, and tons of conference/session rooms. Everyone stayed in their own private room and got three meals a day plus snacks for like, less than $150/night.

In Joy Meant For You Retreat In Joy Meant For You Retreat

The Presenters

Like where do I even start? We had some amazing presenters at our retreat.

Without going into too much detail and negating a huge reason why you should totally come to our next retreat, we had awesome women come and talk to us about The Law of Attraction, focusing energy, Limiting Beliefs, Massage Therapy, Light Language, Nia, and so much more.

Oh and did I mention I led a writing group the first night? True story.

In Joy Meant For You Retreat In Joy Meant For You Retreat In Joy Meant For You Retreat

The Schedule in a Nutshell

Every morning we would wake up bright and early and have a Yoga session at seven with the sun shining through the windows. After getting our bodies moving for the day, we would have some breakfast and then get down to the nitty-gritty with some speakers and exercises.

In addition to the speakers, we also had the opportunity to book in private mini sessions with a few of the presenters including manicures, massages, reiki, and reflexology.

Unlike other retreats of this sort, the focus truly was on ourselves and how we felt. There was no mayhem, no rushing off anywhere. I called it Zenlandia.

In Joy Meant For You Retreat In Joy Meant For You Retreat In Joy Meant For You Retreat In Joy Meant For You Retreat

The Takeaway

After three days of yoga, meditation, getting rid of my limiting beliefs, learning how to redirect my energy, getting massages, dancing, hiking, and everything else we did, I left the Living Skies Centre feeling more zen than I have ever felt in my life.

I learned a lot about myself – what my personal self-care looks like, how to wrangle in the things I want most in life, and how to maintain my newfound sense of peace. And let me tell you, this inner peace has been a long time coming.

I can’t wait for next year!

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In Joy Meant For You Retreat

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