Are you looking for a service that will hand-deliver you the best flight fares on the market and save you hundreds of dollars on your next trip? Then welcome to Matt’s Flights – a top-notch airfare alert system that will do just that.

I had first heard of Matt’s Flights a couple of years ago. Having been referred to it by another blogger, I signed up for the free version of the service and longingly drooled over so many of the cheap flights Matt was sending me. Then, when I got an email from Matt offering me a premium subscription, I just knew I had to pounce.

Because, as a frequent flier, there is nothing better than finding cheap airfare. Yet, in today’s convoluted online world, it can be so difficult to know which services are legit and which ones are just telling you where to spend your money so they can take a chunk for themselves.

So, what exactly is Matt’s Flights, how does it work, and how do you know if it’s right for you?

Let’s dive in…


My (Totally Honest) Matt’s Flights Review




What is Matt’s Flights?

Matt’s Flights is a service that helps you find the cheapest possible flight fares on the market. Through curated e-mails sent straight to your e-mail inbox, Matt’s Flights takes the guessing out of the mix when booking a flight, saves you tons of time and effort in research and, best of all, saves you a pretty penny when you get around to booking.

Matt created the site after garnering years of experience traveling around the world on discounted airfare — saving thousands of dollars in the process. The Matt’s Flight’s service is his dream child that allows him to help you find the best deals out there, based on all the information and tricks he has learned.

However, it should be noted that Matt’s Flights is not a travel booking agency. They won’t book flights for you, but they will find you the cheapest and best fares on the market.

In fact, according to Matt’s Flights website, they’ll save you up to 90% on Domestic and International flights.


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matt's flights review


So How Does Matt’s Flights Find the Best Deals?

If you’ve been in the travel game for a while, certainly you know a few ways to get some great flight deals. That said, even I had been blown away by some of the amazing fares Matt has sent me (none of which I would have found on my own).


To find the best deals, Matt’s Flights uses a couple of tactics:

Tactic #1 – They Keep a Watch on Mistake Fares – Did you know that airlines post mistake fares alarmingly often? Well, it’s true, and finding these fares will save you some dough. Matt’s Flight’s keeps an eye on these mistake fares and sends only the relevant-to-you ones directly through e-mail.

Tactic #2 – They Look For Deals ALL Day Long – Make no mistake in thinking that this is not a full-time job for Matt and his team. He’s constantly on the lookout for airfare deals that he can send to you. Further, he knows what a standard fare looks like, and can spot a cheap flight on a dime.

matt's flights review


The Free Version of Matt’s Flights

As I mentioned above, before I was subscribed to the Premium version of Matt’s Flights, I had the free one.

The free version of Matt’s Flights is open to everyone (in fact, more than 500,000 people are already subscribed), and is pretty much the same as the premium version, only you’ll get a lot fewer e-mails and miss out on some top deals.

Additionally, the free version won’t grant you access to Matt’s personalized deal-finding service, in which you can e-mail him for help.

That said, signing up for the free version is a great place to start if you’re a little unsure of what exactly to expect from the service.


Should You Subscribe to the Premium Version of Matt’s Flights?

Honestly, how you could benefit from a Premium subscription to Matt’s Flights, depends on your travel habits.

Unless you get travel discounts through points or some other way, subscribing to a premium version of Matt’s Flights could save you hundreds of dollars on flights even if you just travel a couple of times per year.

The thing is, for it to be worth it, you have to actually book flights. As if you needed a kick in the pants to take a vacation though, amirite? As of now, the premium version costs $97 USD/year after the trial ends.

This means that as soon as Matt saves you $100 on a flight, the service has essentially paid for itself.

If you’re a frequent flier who is up for an adventure based on the amount of money it will take to get you there, then this service is a shoo-in for you.

However, if you only travel a few times a year and meticulously plan and research, then the paid version may not be for you.

Personally, I love the premium version because I like to keep my travel schedule flexible and cheap. I’m way more willing to book an inexpensive flight to a place I’d never really considered before than to book an overpriced flight to a popular destination.

That’s not to say Matt’s Flights doesn’t send you notifications for popular destinations, it totally does, but the whole business model is about staying flexible and saving a buck.

Further, if you’re interested in traveling to a specific destination and want to know the deals for that location, the premium version gives you access to e-mailing Matt directly for help finding the best possible prices.

Note: If you’re not sure the premium version is right for you, but want to test it out, Matt’s Flights does offer a premium trial version that lasts 14 days, during which time you can cancel. They also offer a 30-day money-back guarantee should you decide the service is not for you.

matts flights review


Is Matt’s Flights Worth It For Canadians?

To be honest, when I first signed up to Matt’s flights, I was skeptical only in that it wouldn’t be worth it as a resident Canadian.

Through the years, I’ve found that so many services like this are primarily geared towards Americans, but when I got the premium version of Matt’s Flights and started getting discounted flights geared towards my local Canadian airport well, I was sold.

Plus, if you’re in North America and find that Matt’s service doesn’t include your local airport, shoot him an e-mail. He might be able to help you out.

matt's flights review


So, Is Matt’s Flights Legitimate?

I can promise you, as someone who has now used both the free and premium versions of Matt’s Flights, I can say without a doubt that this service is completely legit.

I have never once received a spam e-mail from the service, he has always responded to my e-mails promptly and professionally, and yeah, I’ve saved quite a few bucks by using it!



That’s it for my Matt’s Flights review!

Have you ever used Matt’s Flights or a similar service? Are you interested in subscribing? Let me know in the comments!

Disclosure: I was gifted the premium version of Matt’s Flights in exchange for a totally honest review. As always, all thoughts and opinions are my own.


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