Scientific, graphic, phallic, beastific, and fantastic are just a few words to use when describing the Museum of Sex in Manhattan.

Daniel Gluck opened the museum in 2002 as a dedication to “the history, evolution and cultural significance of human sexuality” after meeting some foreseen backlash from both the NY Board of Regents, and Catholics, among probable others. After all, the mere idea of such a place is, at its core, prime complaint material for squares. However, while perusing the exhibits at MoSex, I found the setup to be tasteful and informative. Plus, there are activities.

MoSex is easy to find on the corner of 5th Avenue and East 27th Street, as it is the only establishment in the area covered in boobs. As you enter through the gift shop off the street, prepare to be greeted by rows of sex toys, condoms, gag gifts, too much lip balm, souvenirs, and very perky sales people. If by now you’re still not certain you’re in the right place, you’re probably in the wrong one.

The museum starts with a good old-fashioned history lesson on pornography. Here, you’ll find an entire room devoted to the wave-making porno classic (that I have truthfully never seen), Deep Throat. Original film reels, articles detailing the controversy, and film clips are all at your fingertips in this very innocence-stripping room.

Not to give the entire experience away, but you’ll also be taken through exhibits such as ones on BDSM, homosexuality, and sex work. Make sure to keep an open mind as well as a closed mouth while walking through.


My favorite room, because I have the sense of adventure of a 5-year-old, was the “Funhouse”. There was a rock wall, a bouncy castle, a giant maze, and more! Granted, the rock wall was made out of genitalia, the bouncy castle was an inflatable breast cluster, and the object of the maze was to “find the g-spot”.

My least favorite room was a very scientifically approached exhibit dedicated to animal intercourse. The thought of animals having sex is a topic that I just cannot physically handle. In Taylor’s perfect world, animals would be non-sexual beings and storks would drop off their offspring, like my parents arranged for me. After five minutes in that room, what with its multiple videos, diagrams, and life-sized mock-ups, I was ready to vomit. Thankfully, this was the last exhibit of the afternoon and I was able to catch some air outside to avoid said tossing-of-cookies.

As it is not a large museum, you should be able to cover all exhibits in an hour and a half or so, depending on your attraction to the Funhouse or your grease-ball ranking.

And be sure to take a souvenir photo in the booth!

Museum Of Sex

233 Fifth Avenue, Manhattan, New York

Adults (18+): $18.50 + tax (Plus an additional $3.00 entrance fee for the Bouncy Castle Of Breasts)

Sources: www.museumofsex.com


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