Boston sure loves its Christian Science. This is the reflecting pool at the Christian Science Plaza.

You know, if there is one thing all religions can agree on, I suppose it’s reflections.

In the center is 111 Huntington Ave (AKA the R2D2 Building), and on the left is the Prudential Centre.


Running from the cold up in New England,
I was born to be a fiddler in an old time string band.

Hanging out at the Cheers restaurant in Beacon Hill!

Complete with cutouts of characters from the TV show.

“Where everybody knows your name.”

Hall of Ideas at Mary Baker Eddy library.

The library is part of the Christian Science Publishing Society building, and while there, Megan and I checked out a very special room; The Mapparium – a three-story, stained glass globe depicting how the world was in 1935. Built by architect Chester Lindsay Churchill, The Mapparium took three years to complete, and took $35,000 to build (in 1935 era USD). While standing inside this giant globe, we were subjected to a presentation that was intended to depict how the globe was created to “symbolize the international character and ‘world-consciousness’ of the Publishing Society’s activities.” It was basically just a loud voice and flashing lights.

Perhaps the coolest part of the globe, me being a sound geek and all, was the acoustics. Because of the curvature of the glass walls, sound is not absorbed, but reflected back at the human making the noise. If you stand right in the center of the globe, your voice is amplified to a surreal level. Additionally, Megan and I were able to stand on opposite ends of the globe, whisper, and hear one another as if we were standing next to each other! If you have a secret, you best not let it fly in this globe.

Check out the Mapparium‘s site online for photo’s and more information!

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