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Hi there! Below is a list of my favorite articles on the blog, organized by category.


Thoughts & Observations

Travelling and at Home: Why I Wear Make-Up

The Makings of a Traveller: Musings and Reflections

What to Expect From a Political History Tour in Belfast, Ireland

An Environmental Pledge For Us All

On Pamela Des Barres, A Lifetime of Stories, and Being a Doll

5 Books That Changed My Life

On Using Writing As a Meditation

Stumbling Upon Semana Santa (Holy Week) in Seville

On Dreaming and Scrapping the Bucket List

San Fran Man: A Vesuvio Story

On Bordeaux, Wine, and A Series of Unfortunate Events

My Experience in a Sensory Deprivation Float Tank

Groot-Bijgaarden Castle: A Floralia Brussels Photo Essay

Granada, Spain: First Impressions of the Moorish Jewel

Everything I Love About Being on the Road

A lesson in life, love, and happiness in Brussels

Père Lachaise Cemetery: Jim Morrison, Oscar Wilde, Gertrude Stein, & friends

Chasing Picasso in Malaga


Playlists & Music Posts

A Classic Laurel Canyon Playlist (60’s & 70’s)

The Ultimate Canadian Road Trip Playlist

The Ultimate Route 66 Playlist

Hello, Goodbye: Spending Two Days with The Beatles in Liverpool

Honoring The Spirit of Gram Parsons at Joshua Tree Inn & Motel

What The #@$% Is The Integratron? Or, That Time I Took A Sound Bath

Visiting The Grateful Dead House in San Francisco

The Day I Was Left Alone in Berlin’s Hansa Recording Studios

Life’s A Gas: Marc Bolan’s Rock Shrine in London

15 Songs To Explore The American Southwest By

Following the Footsteps of The Beatles in Hamburg

Simply Electric: A Day Spent with Baron Wolman & Crew

Happy Birthday, John Lennon

The Ultimate Spain Playlist

Visiting the Original Site of Woodstock in Bethel, New York

The Ultimate Ireland Playlist

Miss P’s Rock Tour of Hollyweird and Laurel Canyon


Travel Guides

15 Fun and Unique Things to do in Granada, Spain

A Vancouver Island Road Trip: Nanaimo to Campbell River

To Lisbon and Beyond! : An Introduction to Portugal

Top 5 Things To Do On Mljet Island, Croatia

Hiking to Odysseus Cave on Mljet Island, Croatia

72 Hours ‘Til Midnight in Paris

How to Spend A Day In Joshua Tree

A Beginners Guide to Beatnik San Francisco

Five reasons why I’m in love with Porto, Portugal

Sintra Vibes: Pena Palace & The Castle of the Moors

A Beginners Guide to 20th Century Bohemian Greenwich Village

What to Expect at Plitvice National Park, Croatia

10 Things To Do in Dublin for the Music and History Lover

The 10 Best Things To Do in Drumheller, Alberta

Top 15 Things To Do in Split, Croatia

What to Expect at the Great Sandhills of Saskatchewan

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