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Cailee and I knew that when we got to Croatia, we were going to participate in water sports as much as possible.

So, when we saw a sign for parasailing in our very first Croatian stop of Cavtat, you best believe we made a bee-line to the sun-kissed folks lounging on the dock.

They must have been having a chill day, because they offered to take us out for a rip right on the spot. But after a couple of shifty glances between Cailee and I, due to a teeny bit of nerves on our (my) part, we decided to hold off until the next day.

Parasailing CavtatCailee snapped this photo right before takeoff. Dorky pose and nerves included.

I’m not going to lie, the initial idea of parasailing totally freaked me out. In fact, it freaked me out so much that after we talked to the parasailing people, we went home and I researched all the gruesome ways one can die from the activity.

Needless to say I was being a big scaredy-cat.

Not only was our parasailing experience not scary in the slightest, it was actually unbelievably peaceful. It felt like we were simply drifting among some clouds rather than being pulled through the air by a noisy motorboat.

Parasailing Cavtat

A snap I took of our guides doing their boaty stuff.

Parasailing Cavtat

Anywho, the parasailing guides obliged to leave our flight until the next day and, due to their need for some new advertising material, take us up during their most valuable sunset slot at no additional charge.

This sunset slot meant that not only would we get to parasail while watching the sky turn all kinds of incredible colours over the glistening Adriatic, but we would be drinking freaking champagne while doing so.

Drinking champagne while floating above the sea and watching the sun go down? SIGN ME UP.

Parasailing Cavtat

And in case you’re wondering why there are no photos from our perspective in this post, well, right before liftoff we had the discussion as to whether or not we should take our phones into the sky, cause apparently everyone takes photos from the sky.

And why in the world would we not want this rad view captured on our phones, right?

Well, with champagne in one hand and the other being used to keep ourselves upright, we decided not to begin our time in Croatia with our lifelines plummeting into the Adriatic.

Next time, I’ll bring a selfie stick. I PROMISE.

Parasailing Cavtat

On second thought, how terrible would a selfie stick look in these photos?

Whatever, I digress.


Parasailing in Cavtat

As for a fear of heights, you ask? Well that’s not an area in which I’ve ever particularly struggled, but that’s not to say I wasn’t acutely aware that if I leaned just a little too far back in my harness, I’d either topple over and plummet into the sea, or stay up there awkwardly hanging upside down by my legs.

So, I made a point of just like… not leaning back. Problem solved.

Parasailing in CavtatParasailing in Cavtat

From our top-notch view, we watched as the sky turned from a calming palette of blues and purples to a brilliant combination of orange and red. The gorgeous Croatian coast providing a sharp contrast to the dramatic sky above.

Can I just stay up here forever, please?

Parasailing in CavtatParasailing in Cavtat

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