Guys, it snowed. And I fucking love it.

The last time I saw snow was March 24th of this year, the day I took off for a European spring. And, except for an especially cold time in Paris, I’ve been revelling in summer weather ever since. But, honestly, I’m a gal who needs her four seasons. It was a happy day when I could finally pull my parka out of hiding.

And that’s officially enough chat about the weather.

I got up to some fun stuff this month. I’m still in Saskatchewan, spending some much needed time with my family for the time being, but I did manage to sneak away to Winnipeg, Manitoba for a few days mid-October. I forgot how much I love that city!

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Where I Went

Winnipeg, Manitoba

Esterhazy, Saskatchewan

Favorite Moments

A Roadtrip to Winnipeg

I’ve been to ‘The Peg’ loads of times. My entire childhood was littered with instances in this Manitoba city; my first festival, my first concert. But, besides going there for a Green Day concert when I was 18, I do believe the last time I was there was during a short stop on my Toronto, ON to Whitewood, SK Greyhound bus trip 6 years ago (not recommended).

Needless to day, it was about time I saw Winnipeg with grown-up eyes. And I have to say, I kind of love it. I visited a Trappist monastery, the Canadian Museum for Human Rights, and wandered around Osborne Village and The Exchange District. There will be a full post on this, but for now let me just say that I gained a new respect for Manitoba’s capital!

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What I Read

Back in January I made the decision to participate in a reading challenge courtesy of The Girl Who Wanders. The challenge is to read 26 books over one year, which is roughly one book every two weeks. The challenge outlines different criteria for each book selection to help with book choices.

This month I read:

Tender Is The Night by F. Scott Fitzgerald

Stylistically, it is gorgeous, temperamentally, it is relatable, and the way Fitzgerald pulled so many concepts from his own life to use in the novel, well, it pulled on my heart strings. And yet, I felt more disconnected from this novel than any previous work I’ve read by him.

This is a thoroughly dark novel as, at the time, Fitzgerald was dealing with his personal alcoholism, Zelda’s illness, and the death of his father. Given the parallels between these events and the events in the novel, the characters of the book are overwhelmingly, yet understandably, disillusioned, and frustratingly so. With everything so bleak, and so all over the place, well, I’m sad to say that reading this turned into a chore about 3/4 of the way through.

Perhaps I’ll return to this later in life and see how I feel, but for now, i’m shelving it in my ‘I think I missed the point’ pile.

Love With a Chance of Drowning by Torre DeRoche

Man, if there was ever a book that would make me want to hop on a leaky, retro sailboat indefinitely with a new latin lover, it would be this one.

After endlessly hearing about ‘Love With A Chance of Drowning’ from friends and bloggers, I knew I had to give the tome a whirl. A fear-struck young Aussie in San Francisco, Torre meets Ivan after approaching him at a cocktail bar, and after finding out his name after their initial night together, proceeds to fall madly in love with him. In no time at all, Ivan invites Torre to sail the ocean with him, an invitation which Torre hesitantly accepts. From then on, their adventures (and misadventures) are boundless. Sea squalls, whales, and island folk, it’s all there.

Torre DeRoche writes so clearly about her adventures it feels like you’re right there on the boat with her and Ivan. You feel what she feels; whether it’s fear, determination, or utter frustration. Would definitely recommend to anyone in need of some good wanderlust-fuel.

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What I Listened To

We lost a couple legendary musicians this month. So in memoriam to Tom Petty and Gord Downey…

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On The Side…

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