It’s insane to me that it has been three whole months since I wrote a post on this blog.

It’s insane to me that it has been four (ish) months since Covid-19 struck the world in every way, altering so many aspects of our day-to-day lives.

It’s insane to me that I’ve now been living in Winnipeg, Manitoba for the better part of the year, and have seen so very little of it.

It’s insane to me that it has been well over a month since the Black Lives Matter movement rushed to the forefront of our collective consciousness — giving us one of the biggest, most important, civil rights moments in history.

Time has been moving in a whole new way this year. As I read the other day, “every day feels like an eternity, and every month feels like a second”. Well, to whoever said that — I concur.

Things have been pretty quiet over here for some time now, I admit. But it didn’t feel right to write posts about travel during the first rumblings of the pandemic, and it certainly didn’t feel right to write posts about, well, anything, during the apex of the Black Lives Matter movement.

Instead of writing here, I took a few beats to really let the world sink into its new normal, post about causes I believe in on social media, focus on learning, and amplify BIPOC voices. As I’ve been fortunate to keep my job during this pandemic (a job I started pretty much the same week as the virus hit), I’ve been donating what I can to Black Lives Matter Canada and BIPOC initiatives.

It’s imperative that we read, listen, and watch a ton about civil rights, the history of colonialism, and current systemic oppression. That we switch our mentality from being “not racist” to “anti-racist”, and that we dig into what that really means. This isn’t just a  black square on social media.

There is a lot of work to be done. Racism is a white people issue, and spreading the cause far and wide while listening to BIPOC voices is critical. We must stand up for what’s right with our time, our voices, and our wallets. On that note, I want to share with you this awesome list of 50 Black Travel Bloggers you should be following courtesy of The Sophisticated Life (I posted this on my Facebook page too, but y’all know how things get lost in the shuffle).

So, travel. The Motus Operandi of this blog. What a weird year to talk about travel, and yet it seems to be very much on my mind. After being locked up in my apartment for a few months, I’m itching more than ever to get out and explore, and I know I’m not alone in this. While normal-me would be booking the next flight to Morocco, to be honest, I am more than happy to keep it local and explore my backyard in Manitoba for the time being. Due to measures put in place early in the pandemic, we’ve kept our Covid-19 numbers very low, and as such we’ve been granted more and more freedoms that we can take advantage of without being irresponsible.

And what that means for me this summer, is that I can go hiking, canoeing, and beach-bumming. I can explore the backcountry. I can still physically distance myself from others while checking out what Manitoba has to offer. Because, despite growing up only two hours away from Manitoba, I know very, very little about it.

On a semi-related note, I will say that moving only 4 hours away from my family in Saskatchewan has been a blessing. Although the Manitoba – Saskatchewan border was closed up until late June, it was a relief knowing they weren’t that far away. I’ve been to see them a couple of times since the restrictions have lifted as well (all very responsibly, of course), and having a support system nearby has been a weight off my shoulders.

With that, I hope to start publishing more often. I have a bunch of unfinished articles about Mexico and Utah sitting in my drafts, and I hope to get to those before I start publishing more about Manitoba.

Who knows when we’ll be able to travel far and wide again, but telling stories, giving travel tips, and preparing for the future is, and has always been, a source of sanity and expression for me.

I know that this post has been all over the place, but it just didn’t feel right to continue to write travel content as normal without acknowledging the world as it is today. As always, a sincere thanks for your continued support on this blog. It has given me more than you know.

Til next time,


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