Looking for the best things to do on Mljet Island, Croatia?

Then you’re in luck! Mljet Island is my absolute favorite Croatian island, and it’s the perfect destination for the nature and adventure buff. Specifically, Mljet Island is an untamed oasis suitable for anyone wanting a paradise away from Croatia’s bustling tourist trail.

With only one major road, Mljet is home to about 1100 people spread out over a half dozen small villages, and the lush Mljet National Park covering about half the Island.

Unlike overcrowded centers like Dubrovnik, Mljet Island is a place to go to meet locals, spend time in nature, and explore uninhibited.

Ready to dive into the best things to do on Mljet Island? In this article, we’ll cover:

Let’s dive in!

8 Best Things To Do On Mljet Island, Croatia

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Go On a Road Trip

If you’re looking to road trip the whole island, then Pomena, with its shops, bars, and restaurants, is the place to start.

If you plan on doing this activity, it’s a pretty easy route as there is only one major road on the island. However, make sure you pay attention to the road signs and only go as fast as you’re comfortable with.

You’ll be going through a lot of small towns (slow down and watch for kids) and the road itself winds along with a sheer rock face on one side and a steep drop off into the Adriatic on the other.

Additionally, because Mljet isn’t a very large Island, driving the entire length of it shouldn’t take you more than an hour. My friend I stopped a lot to take pictures and explore the small towns before heading to Limoni Beach where we had dinner and lounged in the sun.

šŸš— To rent a car in Croatia, I recommend doing so through Discover Cars. This car service will help you find the best bang for your buck in a rental. There are rental services on the island itself, although these tend to book out in advance.

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Hike to Odysseus Cave

Hiking to Odysseus Cave is probably the most unique thing to do on Mljet Island.

The hike starts from the village of Babino Polje and is a half rugged/ half-smooth hour’s walk from the road. Expect rocky terrain, steep slopes, and the most amazing views.

Once you make it to the cliff’s edge, jump into the water with abandon (as long as you know how to swim, that is), and carry yourself through the salty sea into the cave.

My friend and I did this activity in mid-June and the water was warm enough to swim around in for a while. Plus, it was salty enough that we only had to lightly tread to keep ourselves afloat.

Fun fact — Homer’s novel “The Odyssey” was supposedly based on Odysseus Cave! I mean, it’s debated whether it was based on this cave or one in Greece, but I can certainly understand why someone would write an entire novel about Mljet. So I choose to believe it’s this one!

ā›µ Fun alert! Want to check out the cave from the water? Then check out this full-day Odysseus Cave tour! Not only will an expert guide take you to the cave with a speedboat, but you’ll also have fun snorkeling, swimming, and visiting four other islands.

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Explore Mljet National Park

Mljet National Park is spread out across the northwestern area of Mljet and features two gorgeous saltwater lakes — Veliko Jezero (big lake), and Malo Jezero (small lake).

You can enter the park through two seaside villages, Pomena and Polace, and you’ll have to purchase your tickets in advance at the provided kiosks. For adults, the national park entrance fee is roughly 70 kuna for the low season, and 120 kuna in the high season. These tickets also include a shuttle service from the towns into the park.

I highly recommend that as soon as you get to Mljet, you purchase tickets for the national park for the duration of your stay, and then rent bicycles to travel around.

When we rented them, the bikes were roughly $15 for an hour, and the price was absolutely worth it. You can rent bikes in Pomena, Mali Most, and Polace. With them, we explored all the little hamlets along the lake, went off-roading a couple of times, and felt absolute freedom rolling along with the wind in our hair.

šŸŒŠ Just have a day? Then book yourself on a Mljet National Park tour from Dubrovnik! This tour will take you to the Benedictine Monastery, and the small and big lakes!

Go Scuba Diving

At the time of this writing, there is one main scuba diving center on Mljet Island, Aquatica Mljet.

This highly-rated diving center is located in Govedari in Mljet National Park, and there are some seriously great diving sites that they’ll take you to. In particular, diving trips on the island include the two salt water lakes, trips to ancient shipwrecks, and checking out the island’s marine life.

If you’re not about that dive life, then even snorkeling the two salted lakes makes for a great adventure.

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lush land meets the adriatic sea near odysseus cave on mljet island croatia

Visit Crkva Sv. Marije (St. Mary’s Island)

Located within Mljet National Park, catching a boat to St. Mary’s Island is one of the coolest things to do in Mljet Island.

Located within the larger of Mljet’s two salt water lakes, Veliko Jezero, St. Mary’s is a gorgeous little ruin-covered island home to Roman ruins and a former 12th-century church and Benedictine monastery. While there isn’t much to do on the island but eat ice cream, spend time at the restaurant, and poke around the buildings, it’s a beautiful stop that can’t be missed.

There are regularly scheduled small boats that will take you to the island. Catching the boat across Veliko Jezero lake is super easy as the aforementioned shuttle will take you to the precise location from which it launches. Easy peasy!

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Relax on the Sandy Beaches

Upon arriving in Croatia in general, you’ll quickly realize that not all beaches are created equal and that there are in fact many rocky beaches in the country. Though most of the country boasts crystal clear water, make a note of the best two sandy beaches in Mljet before you go.

In particular, check out Saplunara (a white sandy beach on the south side of the island), and Blace Beach (near Limuni Bay).

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Eat All The Seafood and Chat With The Locals

Such a huge perk of being on a small island without a big population is the experience you’ll have with the locals. Not only did we get to know our Airbnb hosts quite well, but we also were the happy targets of conversation by restaurant owners and park rangers alike.

Gorging ourselves on Mljet’s delicious, freshly caught seafood was total bliss, and our faces of delight were excellent conversation starters!

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Hike Mount Montokuc

Located within Mljet National Park, Mount Montokuc is the place to go to get gorgeous views of the island (pine trees and turquoise water for as far as the eye can see). You can begin the hike at the national park’s parking lot, and it will take roughly 3 hours, depending on how often you stop for photos.

If you have time, also check out Veliki Gradac — this hike can easily be tacked on to the Mount Montokuc one.

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How to Get to Mljet Island

Being an island, getting to Mljet Island will require you to take a ferry. There are three ferry ports on the island — Polace, Pomena (the main port), and Sobra.

My friend and I decided to arrive in Polace and stay in the same town, given its proximity to Mljet National Park. However, arriving in Pomena will be just as convenient.

Getting to Mljet is simple whether you’re traveling from the Croatian mainland or another island. The most common ferry lines that service Mljet are G&V and Kapetan Luka. Common direct lines to and from Mljet include Dubrovnik, Brac, and Hvar, and trips include both car ferry and passenger ferry options.

For more information on ferries and schedules, visit Croatia Ferries.

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The Best Time to Visit Mljet Island

Croatia’s high season, the best time to visit Mljet Island is between June and September. Outside of these months, ferry lines operate on limited schedules, the weather cools off, and many attractions close.

However, though the weather is warmest in July and August, this is also the peak tourism season on the Croatian coast. If you travel during these months, you’ll have to compete with many more tourists and pay a premium as a result.

For the best of both worlds, visit in June or September. Personally, I visited in June and absolutely loved the weather and the slower pace of tourism.

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Mljet Island FAQ

Are there beaches on Mljet?

There are plenty of beaches on Mljet. The best two sandy beaches are Saplunara beach and Blace.

Can you stay on Mljet Island?

There are plenty of places to stay on Mljet island, from larger hotels to private accommodation. Staying in either Pomena or the small village of Polace will give you a great jumping-off point for adventures.

Why visit Mljet?

Mljet island is a natural oasis that is much more relaxing than other parts of Croatia. Mljet National Park, the two salt lakes, and a Benedictine monastery are some highlights.


That’s it for my guide to Mljet Island, Croatia! Mljet is one of my favorite destinations in the world and you’re going to have a blast exploring it.

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