Personally, I find that travelling with a steady supply of tunes is absolutely a necessity. From listening to music on airplanes, to taking a peaceful walk around a new city, to experiencing the musical culture of the country i’m in, I believe strongly that having music on the fly enriches the travel experience.

If you’re looking to have all the best music gear at your fingertips for your next trip, or if you’re buying for a travelling audiophile, then check out my list of audio-specific gizmo’s below!


Noise-Cancelling Headphones

My advice is to only travel with expensive over-ear headphones when you know you’re going to a country where petty theft isn’t an issue. But if safety is not a concern, then consider these from Sony!

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Noise-Cancelling Ear Buds

And for those of you who want to stay on the safe side when it comes to theft, a pair of ear buds is the way to go! Perfect for on the plane or for when you want to shut out the world and walk around town.

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Cap with Built-in Stereo Speakers

Sometimes having headphones or earbuds with you is less than practical, or you don’t want to have your pricey equipment out in the elements. Enter the beanie with bluetooth speakers! Perfect for when you’re out sporting – such as snowboarding, or skiing!

External Power Bank

If you plan on using your cell phone to access your music, then having an external power bank with you is absolutely essential. You don’t want to have to choose between listening to music, uploading to Instagram, or mapping your way back to your accommodation, right?

Bluetooth Receiver 

If carrying speakers around isn’t your bag, then consider a bluetooth receiver. This handy little unit will easily stream audio from your device and play it on any home sound system!

Ear Plugs by Ear Peace

For any regular concert goer in the house, going without a pair of ear plugs is not an option. This model by Ear Peace will take down the decibels without lessening the audio quality. I personally have a pair of these on my keychain!

Cord Wrap

If you’re anything like me, the bottom of your bag is a mess of tangled headphone cords. Solve that problem instantly with a cord wrap!

Pacsafe Travel Safe

If you’re going to be travelling with a lot of expensive equipment, then a travel safe by Pacsafe is a must. Don’t take a chance on keeping your belongings secure!

Waterproof Phone Case

If you use your phone as your primary music source, then you doubly don’t want it exposed to the elements. Invest in a waterproof phone case to safeguard your apps, and your tunes, from accidents and elements.

Music Books 

For the music history nerds in the house, take some lit along with you on your trip. Scar Tissue by Anthony Keidis of Red Hot Chili Peppers is one of my all-time fave music autobiographies. For added travel-ability, get it in kindle form!


You mean, a SLEEPMASK that doubles as HEADPHONES? Yes. Your prayers have been answered.

Digital Music Player

For those of you who don’t want to risk using your phone as your source for music, invest in a separate music player. This may feel like “so 2010” to some of you, but having your phone secure and charged when off your home base is actually fairly reassuring!

Guitar String Bracelet

For the fashion-conscious travelling music lover, consider this chic guitar string bracelet!

Music Notes Map

Inspire wanderlust with this neat musical note map!

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