When I first had the idea to create a website, I opted for WordPress.com. As a beginner tool, the .com version was great, however I soon realized that in order to fully customize my website, I was going to have to move over to WordPress.org. One of the key differences between the .com and .org versions is that WordPress.com includes website hosting, whereas with WordPress.org, you need to set up your own.

Bluehost is a great website host. They offer reasonably priced rates and great hosting packages.

Whenever I have had a question regarding the technical side of website creation, the customer support folks at Bluehost have always been there to answer my questions. They are very calm and patient people, kudos!


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Hey there, I'm Taylor! A traveller with a love of rock n' roll, hiking, city jaunts, and adventure of all sorts. What started out as a blog dedicated to musical points of interest around the world has turned into a resource where you'll find so much more. Let's groupie out together!

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